Health care is a fundamental human right

Europese patiëntenrechten - Petitie


ALDE Campaign for EU Patient Rights

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) always stands up for human rights and individual rights to be ensured and protected. The right to health and health care are fundamental human rights.

Our mission is to support all EU citizens and their rights to health care. They should have fast (or faster)  access to high quality and safe health care regardless of state borders. ECJ already established this principle in Watts' case 2005.

We need to ensure timely medical treatment of good quality for patients as close as possible to their home. But when necessary, patients should have the choice to go to another Member State and to be able to benefit from the achievements of European science and technology for their health.

Patients make choices already. We should be able to create a safe and empowering environment and good governance to ensure their rights.

The ALDE campaign aims to support the European citizens for Charter of patients' rights to be included in the future Community frame for health services.

Give your support for this initiative by signing our petition

Demand that the European Commissioner for Health assures that this right is guaranteed through future EU legislation!



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