Healthcare visual communication: City of 8 - Genetic coding

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According to statistical research, there is in the appreciation of colours, a colour encoding operative that coincides with the functioning of the brain and the nervous system (Alpaerts, 1983). Da Pos &. Da Pos &. Green-Armytage (2007) think that people on biological grounds, subconsciously but according to certain rules, lay links between emotions and colours. At the Technical University Delft, Pieter Desmet (2002) developed a measuring instrument, with which you can examine how products arouse emotions on the basis of their physical appearance cross-culturally. Other known intercultural studies of Ekman (1992, 1994), Lane & Nadel (2000), Oberascher & Gallmetzer (2003), da Pos & Valentini (2005) confirm the observed structures.


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